Hi folks!

After roughly two years without blogging, i felt the need to write again and share charts, views, thoughts, articles, ... about financial markets/economics/fintech/... with you all.

I hope that you will enjoy this new blog which is the continuation of what i used to write on investir.ch or genua for those who remember and on other blogs or financial medias.

I still strongly believe that less is more which means that i rather use bullet points rather than long and boring posts...

Feel free to read the "about page" >>> link

Feel free to contact me >>> link

Read the disclaimer please >>> link

Hope you will enjoy this new [swiss based] blog, which will be mostly in english !

Guest posts are more than welcomed if they get approval by our selection-process committee 🙂

I would like to thank my current employer for letting me create long-short.ch

Warm regards,

Loïc Schmid

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