French elections: algos are super nervous!

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On top of speculation on French bonds and CDS’ (click here if you missed my last post), [traders] algos are also programmed to buy/sell the EUR/USD of course.

Keywords are probably : Macron, Marine Le Pen, Bayrou, Fillon démission, sondages, etc 

So when Bayrou annouced this pm that he was going to form an alliance with Macron, the EUR/USD spiked 40bps. Macron is a bullish eur/usd keyword 🙂 and Le Pen is bearish. Bayrou is probably an unknown keyword for most algos which are – by the way – located outside France (…)

Bayrou’annoucement in one chart:


The road to French P. elections will be bumpy…

To be continued…

Loic Schmid

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