• long-short.ch is a blog dedicated to global financial markets, economics, finance, fintech and much more…
  • this is a personal blog edited by a an active investment professional who co-founded investir.ch before joining a private bank as a CIO
  • this blog reflects personal views and not my current company’s views
  • everything is free
  • readers will find charts, posts, stats, decision tools, external articles, guest posts and much more
  • the style aims to be straight to the point
  • titles / pictures or text might have some second/third… degree humor or a touch of cynicism which makes finance more digestible 😉


  • this blog was created to share ideas, views, thoughts about financial markets, geopolitics, economic data and why not, a community of private & professional investors
  • the idea is to try to make investors think twice before buying or selling a financial asset


  • Long-short.ch was created by Loïc Schmid
  • 34 years old. Swiss father, Scottish mother. Not married and no kids… yet.
  • Career >15years (Geneva/Zurich)
    • Proprietary trader
    • Macro Trader
    • Senior Portfolio Manager
    • Market strategist
    • Co-founder of Investir.ch and founding member of think tank “Les Econcolastes” – wrote >1000 articles
    • Speaker at round tables and conferences (>200 people)
    • Teacher in a financial institute
    • Head of portfolio management
    • Chief Investment Officer (Managing Director) – current job
    • more information >>> linkedin